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One of the most beautiful things about counselling is that it allows us to share our story with someone who is not a part of our everyday lives. This gives us an opportunity to express ourselves in ways we may believe we cannot elsewhere. We can cry, shout, scream, laugh, or sing to our heart's content if we want to - nothing is off the table. Believe it or not, this can be a very liberating experience. 


If the 'Maybe' poem on the homepage resonated with you in any way, please feel free to pull up a chair.

two empty chairs on the beach_edited_edi
Image by Dineslav Roydev

Reaching Contact provides a safe, confidential, and containing space where you can explore any aspect of your lived history whilst expressing yourself freely. This is a place where you will be heard and seen without any expectation, judgment, or rejection.


I offer support for many challenging experiences. These include: abuse, aloneness and belonging, career dissatisfaction, depression and anxiety, identity conflict, loss and bereavement, relationships, social injustice, substance misuse, suicidal ideation, and trauma.

No matter what you are seeking from counselling, it is absolutely fine to pace yourself and take as much time as you need. Let yourself arrive and feel your feet on the ground; this is a process you do not need to rush. What's more, is although you will never be alone on this journey, you always have the freedom to lead the way. Together, we can move towards offloading pent-up emotions, processing difficult experiences, and empowering you to live your best life. 

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